Welcome to Rice University Blockchain Club!

Rice Blockchain is a new club focusing on exploring and understanding the technological underpinnings of the blockchain.

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Our Goals



Understanding the technology that underlies the functions, utility, and potential of the blockchain.



Cultivating an encouraging and collaborative environment to brainstorm the potential use cases of the blockchain.



Reach out to speakers connected to Rice and from the Houston community  to share their experiences and endeavors using blockchain technology.



Work together and form teams to launch development and tooling projects in an effort to transform education into action.


What We're Doing

Informational Meetings

We plan to accomplish the aforementioned goals by first introducing and encouraging a deep understanding of the technological basis of the blockchain and how it is all possible. These meetings will be informational sessions in a lecture format to explore a particular topic in depth.  

Round Table Discussions

These meetings will be a group discussions for club members to collaboratively brainstorm and debate various topics concerning blockchain technology and related current events. All club members are encouraged to bring discussion topics and material to meetings. An overview of topics to be discussed will be provided before meetings.

Collaborative Projects

The club plans to introduce additional events in the spring semester which will take a more interactive and hands-on approach to learning. We plan to create interactive events that focus on further learning about the technology and its use cases by collaboratively building decentralized applications on top of the blockchain and applying them to novel applications. .